• Work Work Work · Tan Ping's Works on Paper

    2018.08.20 - 2018.10.18

    Artist: Tan Ping

    This exhibition is the first time for the artist to show the public his latest reflection on printmaking after 2015.


    Using printmaking and woodcut as the creation medium, repeated attempts on different papers and printing methods as the creation method, this batch of works on paper incorporates the artist's consistent strong and changeable color styles. The artist tried to combine different visual languages, the core of which is to place the work in a uncertain creatione field, and to obtain the multiple visual possibilities of art.


    Just as the artist himself said, this time, the use of collage brings him a special feeling that different textures, different colors and different levels constantly bring about accidental and unexpected discovery in the continuous collage and collision, just like that the visual inspirations are constantly encountering and colliding with each other.