Wei Jia

    2022.07.30 - 2022.09.12

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, Wei Jia, a long-time resident of New York, has spent more time in Beijing, and in 2021, after his 17th solo exhibition in the United States, returned to his studio in Beijing for a period of ten months. With the artist spending half of his time in China and half in North America, Eastern and Western cultural differences, and ideas, reconcile naturally in Wei Jia's work, which adopts this attitude for a different mode of thinking about cultural structures. It's like the short footnote the artist leaves in his work: “scraps of old paintings are piled up all over the house, and new revelations are found in them every day. The creation comes from past works, from past experiences, and from the accumulation of past events.”

    Traversing through Wei Jia's work, we are surprised to experience a new dimension regarding time:a rethinking of life, art and spirituality as one, and faced with the sum of understanding the past and the present state of life.