• The Red Ballon · Exhibition for New Year

    2019.01.12 - 2019.02.19

    "The Red Ballon" is a large-scale experimental art project being carried out by artist Wang Shaoshuai. This project aims to remind the viewers of their original aspiration with red ballons, at the same time explore the infinite possibilities behind minimalism. While bringing the viewers to there inner world, the red ballons also make them feel the primitiveness of the world with the purest perspective, and create a completely new visual feeling and way of thinking.


    Since the moment of our birth, we have been drifted in the river of time. Red is a symbol of life, vitality, enthusiasm and hope, while the balloon is the memory of childhood for many people and a symbol of happiness in life, as well as the infinite longing of beauty in our mind. Expressing the exploration of the world and life, the various red ballons is showing us the infinite mysteries and different postures of life. It never ends.


    As the special exhibition opened for the new year of 2019, "The Red Ballon" is a gift from L·AN Gallery and the artists to the vibrant city at the 40th anniversary of Economic Reform and open up, and also a red visual feast we prepare for Shenzhen citizens.