• Somewhere I Belong · Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition

    2018.01.06 - 2018.03.05

    The oldest and well-documented "painting" was born in the late Paleolithic period. These paintings, drawn on the rock walls of the caves of Altamira, Spain, seemed to have maintained their original appearance when they were discovered by modern people 17,000 years later. Perhaps this kind of "live as ever" comes from their mission to record the trajectories and thought-forms of human ancestors. It can be said that "painting" is one of the greatest spiritual inventions of mankind. Recording history with painting is an important way for human beings to observe and understand the world beyond themselves. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, painting art was freed from the responsibility of recording the outside world because of the invention and continuous improvement of photographic technology. Because of its "authenticity", photography has replaced painting as a tool to record the external world. At the same time, corresponding to portraying the objective world, human beings are more and more eager and pursuing to explore the inner world. As the spiritual world has become another unknown universe that cannot be easily reached by human, art never gives up exploring it.


    As thhe body has its ascription, where dose the soul belong. The artists depict the most secret desires and passions deep inside with abstract paintings, and painting art has become a spiritual garden in which the soul is placed. As for the viewers, when facing this bustling and noisy modern world, staying in an abstract painting for a moment, the soul may be sublimated in a spiritual journey.