• Rose Fields Forever · Paintings by Ni Jun

    2019.09.07 - 2019.10.28

    Artist: Ni Jun

    The exhibition includes a range of the Ni Jun’s remarkable works, depicting his recent working progress, tracing the story of repeated topic the artist has been discussed about throughout the decade; however, these featured works also reveal a sudden surge of power, creating a unique cast of enthusiasm raging across his canvas. Ni Jun’s aesthetical insight has reached beyond the sense of uncertainty and agitation within present; rather, his vision is timeless and digs deep into the essence of beings. Upon the elegant bases of his work, he attempts to construct a pure form, releasing a burst of passion that has been repressed for too long. However, he does not let the crushing power out of order and still maintains the strength, thus also revealing a trace of tenderness and sensation. Noticeable changes have emerged in his paintings when he moved his studio into a rose garden. Since then, he is surrounded by tons of blossoming roses, whereas previously, his paintings mostly derived in front of a silent vase flower. Such change of environment has greatly engraved in his paintings, as all strokes now acquire a brand new sense and narrative of vigour and power.


    Objects in his paintings represent various meanings. Rose often stands for gifts of a treasurous life, including romance, a comfortable life style and carefree expenses. Ni Jun claims that the phrase “sufficient grace” is a central idea for him to live by at this moment. In order to live one’s life with passion, we do not only need to inspect upon our own work and life as well as reviewing the past, furthermore, we need to be graceful and always revere the unknowns. It is this kind of gratitude that led to these divine creation of art.