• Purity Statement · Li Rui Solo Exhibition

    2018.05.19 - 2018.06.30

    Artist: Li Rui

    Li Rui grew up in nature. What appears most in his works art the natural and poetic images like trees and mountains. Looking at Li Rui's paintings, which show not only meditation and epiphany about nature, but also poetic life brought about by smoke and songs, is just like walking into theforest, climbing the mountains barefoot, or chopping wood for a picnic. The artist himself is like a silent soul companion and guide, pointing out the possibility and the path to achieve the desire of walking into the nature and hiding in the distant mountains under the condition of spiritual purity for every companion who is eager to escape from the bustling city and rediscover the pure spiritual world.


    In recent years, Li Rui has continued to make appearances at the frequency of a solo exhibition every year, which has aroused many discussions among the art academia and the public. With his unique art language, Li Rui presents a poetic art world to us.