• NEW IDOL · Zhao Yiqian Solo Exhibition

    2019.11.10 - 2019.12.10

    Artist: Zhao Yiqian

    "Idol" was originally created by human beings as an image of god, in order to enter a spiritual paradise where the unsettling can be settled and the unavoidable can be avoided. However, after the industrial revolution, the leap of productivity brought about the rise of individualism, consumption has become the new Eden. Mickey, the classic cartoon image which brought happiness and light to people during World War II and the Great Depression, has become the symbolic images and spiritual sustenance of the new era. Spiritual belief from centuries ago and a cartoon image in the era of consumption were appropriated and combined in Artist Zhao Yiqian’s newest work, becoming a brand new "Idol" – New Idol.


    The artist combines classical art language with the memory of the times and strong personal beliefs to form a new unique artistic expression, and his work fully demonstrates the intention of the post-80s generation to break the system rules and constraints, and pursue a free mentality toward nature, truth and inner world. The intriguing appearance of “new idol” express its own forbearance, redemption and affirmation of love. “Let there be light, and there was light”.