• Mirror Image of City · Du Haijun Solo Exhibition

    2017.09.02 - 2017.10.07

    Artist: Du Haijun

    This exhibition is a comprehensive review of the recent works of artist Du Haijun, showing about 20 works created in recent years, in an attempt to present the artist's unique style.


    Du Haijun came to Hangzhou to study from South Jiangsu, and experienced the alienation and warmth in the city. After graduation, he settled in Shanghai. Every day in the city, he always sees the warm light from the windows of the concrete buildings, in which the real-life dramas full of joy and sorrow are played every day. The fantasy urban scene deeply attracted Du Haijun and became his source of inspiration.


    Although they are static views of cities, nevertheless, Du Haijun’s urban paintings show various urban visualizations. Countless souls with happiness and sorrows are vividly depicted by warm brushstrokes. Following the artist's perspective, the freeze-framed urban pictures are gradually presented in front of us, and we may be inexplicably curious about what behind the windows tempted by the colors, or be a little anxious because of the crowded and bustling subway stations, and feel alienated because of the indifferent buildings. We observe and think, feeling different temperatures brought about by the intertwining and opposition of human nature and objective things in the city.


    Du Haijun's urban paintings are just like this city full of wanderers—Shenzhen, where there is full of endless yearning and loss. Cities sometimes make us fell cold and sometimes warm, but always give people imagination and hope.