• Ma Shuqing 马树青

    b.1956, Tianjin, China

    Ma Shuqing graduated from Tianjin Academy of Arts and Crafts in 1976. He then was influenced by Professor Troeger and Professor Zeniuk during his studies in Munich Fine Arts Academy before he received a Master’s degree at the Department of Free Painting in 1989. Ma moved to Paris and Provence in France in 1994. Nine years later, he moved back to Beijing in 2003 and established his studio in 798 Art District. He is a professor in the Department of Oil Painting in Tianjin Academy of Arts and Crafts since 2015. Ma lives and works in Beijing and Paris now.


    His works were exhibited and showcased in major art fairs in both China and abroad, including Art Basel Hong Kong, China International Gallery Exposition, Art Cologne and Art Beijing, etc. He also had solo and group exhibitions in many cities - Munich, Dusseldorf, Koblenz, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing are only a few examples.

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  • 1956-1956 Born in Tianjin, China

    1985-1985 Graduated from Tianjin Academy of Arts and Crafts, Tianjin, China

    1989-1989 Graduated from Munich Fine Arts Academy (Free Painting)

    1994-1994 Moved to Paris, Provence, France

    2003-2003 Moved back to Beijing, and established a studio in 798 art district

    2015-2018 Distinguished Professor of Department of Oil Painting, Tianjin

    2015-2018 Academy of Fine Arts


    Currently lives and works in Beijing, China and Paris, France



    1992 Kunst Raum Daxer Heimhausen Scholarships, Germany

    1987 Work of Excellence, the 1st National Oil Painting Exhibition of China

    1985 Works of Excellence, the 6th National Art Exhibition of China




    「Art Central 2020」Hong Kong, China


    「Asia Now Asian Contemporary Art Fair」Paris, France

    「Art Shenzhen 2018」Shenzhen, China


    「Art Basel Hong Kong」Hong Kong, China

    「Art Beijing」Beijing, China

    「CIGE - China International Gallery Exposition」Beijing, China


    「Art Cologne」Cologne, Germany

    「Anwesen - The Second Chinese Oil Painting Biennale」National Art Museum of China, Bejing, China


    「Art Beijing」Beijing, China

    「Art Basel Hong Kong」Hong Kong, China


    「In Time: 2012 Chinese Oil Painting Biennale」National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China


    「Art Beijing」Beijing, China


    The Second Beijing International Art Biennale」Beijing, China


    「Aix-en-Provence Festival」Provence, France




    Color · Object · Space」KennaXu Gallery, Shenzhen, China


    「Overlaying & Repeating · Ma Shuqing 2018」Asia Art Center, Beijing, China

    「Painting On & In」Leo Gallery, Hong Kong, China

    「Empty Spaces」VAN ART SPACE, Hangzhou, China


    「Ma Shuqing Solo Exhibition」Yin Chuan Art Museum, Ningxia, China


    「Powder · Dust - Ma Shuqing」Asia Art Center, Beijing, China


    「Ma Shuqing Solo Exhibition」LinBART, Shanghai, China

    「Work: Ma Shuqing Solo Exhibition」Cheng Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

    「How to Make a Sexy Painting - Ma Shuqing 2015」Inside - Out Art Museum, Beijing, China


    「Touch」Osage Gallery, Hong Kong, China

    「Making - The Solo Exhibition of Ma Shuqing」Yuan Art Museum, Beijing, China


    「Whisper of Color - Ma Shuqing Painting Exhibition」Meijiang International Art Exhibition Gallery, Tianjin, China


    「Whispering to Myself - 2011 Ma Shuqing」Shuimu Art Space, Beijing, China

    「Space - Painting: Ma Shuqing Solo Exhibition」SHIFANG Fine Art, Dusseldorf, Germany

    「Ma Shuqing Solo Exhibition」KoGo Art Space, Hangzhou, China


    「Ma Shuqing Solo Exhibition」German Embassy China, Beijing, China


    「Status · Ma Shuqing Works」Chen Fan Gallery, Shanghai, China


    「Ma Shuqing Solo Exhibition」Klaus Lea Gallery, Munich, Germany


    「Ma Shuqing Solo Exhibition」Finkel Gallery, Munich, Germany


    「Ma Shuqing Solo Exhibition」Klaus Lea Gallery, Munich, Germany


    「Kunst Raum Daxer Heimhausen Scholarship Exhibition」Heimhausen, Germany




    「The Perspective of Time and Space」LAN Gallery, Shenzhen, China

    「Enrique Brinkmann & Ma Shuqing Joint solo Exhibition」Bridge Gallery, Beijing, China

    「De Stijl and the Future」 Boxes Art Museum, Foshan, China


    「Visual Graphy」Liang Project Co Space, Shanghai, China

    「The Hidden Matter」Asia Art Center, Beijing, China

    「Reverse Logic」Common Art Center, Beijing, China

    「On Paper」White Space, Beijing, China

    「Living in Time」iSGO Gallery, Shanghai, China

    「Beijing Abstract 」Parkview Green Art, Hong Kong, China

    「Abstract Plus」Essence Contemporary Art Museum, Chongqing, China

    「Somewhere I Belong」LAN Gallery, Shenzhen, China


    「Straight Light」Cheng Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

    「Blue」LAN Gallery, Shenzhen, China

    「Being · Non-bing」LinBART, Shanghai, China

    「Pure Spirit: Character Mirror and Aethestic Reaffirm」N3 Gallery, Beijing, China

    「Mutual Supplementary and Wedge」Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China

    「China - Dialogue. Transmission」Museum Ludwig, Koblenz, Germany

    「Absoluteness: New Art from China」PAGE Gallery, Seoul, Korea


    「The Research Exhibition of Abstract Art in China」Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China

    「EARLY WORKS...」Yuan Art Museum, Beijing, China

    「GEGENSTEHEN」Cheng Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

    「Beyond form - An Exhibition of Abstract Art in China」Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, China


    「Beyond form - An Exhibition of Abstract Art in China」Epoch Art Museum, Wenzhou, China

    「Today's Chinese Abstract Paintings」Bochum Museum, Bochum, Germany

    「In The Name of Painting」Top Red Gallery, Beijing, China

    「The Boundaries of Order」Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

    「This is Not Painting: Exploring The Boundary of Painting」Asia Art Center, Taipei, China


    「VISIBLEINVISIBLE III」Hongkun Museum of Fine Art, Beijing,China

    「Draw: Mapping Madness」Inside - Out Art Museumt, Beijing,China

    「Abstraction and Nature」Zhuzhong Art Museum, Beijing,China

    「International Abstract Painting Exhibition」Meijiang International Art Exhibition Gallery, Tianjin, China

    「2014' - The Seventh Abstract Art Exhibiton」PIFO Gallery, Beijing, China

    「The Ways of Object Being Named」Mao Space Hengshan Fang, Shanghai, China

    「The Poetics of Polyphony」MOUart, Beijing, China

    「China Abstract Case Show」Y.Q.K, Beijing, China

    「Single Tone」NUOART Gallery, Beijing, China

    「Size Dose Matter-Recent Works by Ma Shuqing And Ni Jun」C5 Art Center, Beijing, China


    「500 ART」Halcyon Gallery, Shanghai, China

    「Mind And Hand in Accord - The Sixth Exhibition of Chinese Abstract Art」PIFO Gallery, Beijing ,China

    「The Concept of Form And Fantasy」02 ART, Beijing, China


    「China - Germany: Abstract Painting Today」The Gasper Ludwig Oplander Foundation, Dortmund, Germany

    「In Time - 2012 Chinese Oil Painting Biennale」National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

    「Integrate The New Extension - Returned Overseas Artists Painting Exhibition」World Art Museum, Beijing, China


    「Visible Soul - The 4th Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition」PIFO Gallery, Beijing, China

    「Duo Exhibition Ma Shuqing And Liang Quan」99 Gallery, Aschaffenburg, Germany

    「Chinese Abstract Painting Now」Galerie Frank & Cie, Essen, Germany

    「The Reallity of Art - Duo Exhibition Ma Shuqing And Chen Ruobing」Esse Space, Beijng, China


    「Ma Shuqing and Zhang Zhaoda Duo Exhibition」Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

    「Assimilation Classical - Depth Space of Chinese Contemporary Abstract Painting」Yuan Museum, Bejing, China

    「The Reason of Water Color Painting」CAA Art Museums, Hangzhou, China

    「Chinese Contemporary Art」Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, Sweden

    「Array with No Objects, Acdemic Inviting Exhibition of Contemporary Abstract Art」Hubei Art Museum, Wuhan, China


    「The Observation of Reality」Joy Art, Beijing, China

    「The Opening Exhibition of Eastlink Gallery」Eastlink Gallery, Beijing, China

    「Duo Exhibition Ma Shuqing and Wang Xiaohui」Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center, Shanghai, China

    「Awkward」Shuimu Art Space, Beijing, China


    「MENSA」White Space Beijing, Beijing, China


    「Musee De La Marine Painting Exhibition」Musee De La Marine, Paris, France


    「How to Make a Sexy Painting」Seidlvilla Das Haus Fur Schwabing, Munich, Germany

    「Chinese Expatriate Artists in France」Bellefoid Gallery, Paris, France


    「Klaus Lea Gallery Show」Klaus Lea Gallery, Munich, Germany


    「Academy of Fine Arts in Munich Painting Exhibition」Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Munich, Germany


    「Painting Exhibition of Ten Artists」Seidlvilla Das Haus Fur Schwabing, Munich, Germany

    「Painting Exhibition of Six Artists」Shaaxi Artist Association, Shaaxi, China



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    Above the Plane

    Ma shuqing

    2021.3.27 - 2017.5.28

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    The Perspective of Time And Space

    Abstract Art Practice of Tan Ping, Ma Shuqing, Feng Lianghong, Bao Pei

    2019.12.21 - 2020.02.08

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    Art Central


    2019.03.27 - 2019.03.31

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    Somewhere I Belong

    Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition

    2018.01.06 - 2018.03.05

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    Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition

    2017.10.29 - 2017.12.28