• Lilting Refrain · Poetic Dreaming

    2019.04.05 - 2019.05.12

    L·AN Gallery is pleased to announce that we will start a new art journey with the exhibition "Lilting Refrain · Poetic Dreaming", which integrates the works of the artists from the United States, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Mexico and other countries.


    The exhibition gathers the art works including Easel Art, sculptures, Installation, photography and other medium from Alec Von Bargen, Barbara Edelstein, Joy Brown, Ingrid Ledent, Jorge Mayet, Martin Wehmer, Max Huckle, Suzuki Ryota, Harada Toru.


    Through the exhibition, we are willing to share the poetic and imagination created by these artists from different places around the world with the Shenzhen art circle.