• Li Rui 李瑞

    b.1983, Yunnan, China (Hani Ethnic Group)

    Li Rui is from Hani ethnic minority. He graduated from the art college of Yunnan University in 2008.


    The images conveyed by Li Rui’s paintings are something caught between the natural cosmos and his own internalized universe. This is very close to the core concept of traditional Chinese art – in “Nature” he learns, “emulating” natural forms by heart, with an emphasis on painting with genuine sentiment that stems from the natural environment. The landscapes in Yunnan have always been the source of his meditation and contemplation, sawn deep in his memory. Li Rui uses his art to directly face nature and life. In his world geography is relative to nature, history is relative to life, all subsequent things are irrelevant details. Nature is Li Rui’s close confidant and guide, and has become a means of expression for his inner most feelings, the medium in which to channel his emotions.

    I do not want to describe that kind of implicated meaning and domain by words, because the written language can hardly reach the depth of your mind. The lake is tranquil, the earth in the open valley is asleep, the autumn wind and leaves are rustling at my ears, I expose every inch of my skin to the air, to feel, my heart whispers happily, my heart is cool and reaches its home, I quietly enjoy this damp solitude.

    —— Li Rui

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  • 1983 Born in Yunnan, China, Hani ethnic group

    2008 Graduated from the art college of Yunnan University

    currently lives in Kunming, Yunnan



    Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

    Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, US

    National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

    Jut Foundation for Arts and Architecture, Taipei, China



    2017 Art Shenzhen, Art Depot, Shenzhen, China

    2016 Time· Passing - Artron Art Centre Fair, Venue of the 12th ICIF, Shenzhen,

    2016 China

    2015 Art Beijing 2019, L-Art Gallery, Beijing, China

    2014 L-ART Gallery@ART 021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai,

    2014 China

    2014 L-ART Gallery@Chengdu Art Fair, Chengdu, China

    2013 Art Beijing 2013, Cheng Xindong Gallery, Beijing, China

    2012 Art Beijing 2012, Cheng Xindong Gallery, Beijing, China

    2012 China International Gallery Exposition, L-ART Gallery, Beijing, China

    2011 Hongkong International Art Fair, Art Vacation, Hong Kong, China

    2011 Taipei International Art Fair, MOT Gallery, Taipei, China



    2018 Purity Statement, L·AN Gallery, Shenzhen, China

    2017 The Hidden, Art Depot, Being, China

    2016 Dream trailing, Riverside Art Gallery, Beijing, China

    2014 Poetry, L-Art Gallery, Chengdu, China

    2012 Wholesome Landscape, MO/ARTS, Taibei, Taiwan, China

    2011 Pure Moments, Today Art Museum, Beijing China

    2008 Anxiety, Museum of Yunnan University, Yunnan, China



    2017 Polyphony: Ecological Survey of Chinse Art· Yunnan· Guizhou· Sichuan·

    2017 Chongqing, Museum of Nanjing University of Art, Nanjing, China

    2017 Young Chinese Artists, Museum JanVan Der Togt, Amstelveen,

    2017 Netherlands

    2016 Seed in Yunnan, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

    2016 Paintings: 20 x 20, Beijing/ Hongkong/ Macau, China

    2015 Stride across, South-Western Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary

    2015 Art, Tianhai Gallery, Guiyang, China

    2014 New Vision of Chinese Contemporary Art, Dolors Junyent Gallery,

    2014 Barcelona, Spain

    2014 Forest talk, "Returning to Nature" Living-experience - La viola Fashion

    2014 Launch Event Contemporary Art Exhibition, HOPSCA, China

    2014 Pian Lu, Yunnan Provincial Museum, Kunming, China

    2013 Beijing—Bucharest: New Sights in Chinese Contemporary Art, National

    2013 Museum of Art, Bucharest, Romania

    2013 Pure Views-New Paintings from China-Traditions Reactivated, Fukuoka

    2013 Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan

    2012 Modern Expedition - Modern and Contemporary Oil Painting, National 2012 Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

    2012 Grand Views from Small Image, L-Art Gallery, Chengdu, China

    2011 Pure Views - New Paintings from China, Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu,

    2011 China

    2011 Views at Heart - Youth Art Biennale, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,

    2011 Chongqing, China

    2011 To be a Audience in Guishan - Yunnan Contemporary Art Special

    2011 Exhibition, K Gallery, Chengdu, China

    2010 Pure Views - New Paintings from China, Asian Art Museum, San

    2010 Francisco, USA

    2010 Seed in Yunnan - Yunnan Artists Group Exhibition, Soka Art, Taipei,

    2010 China

    2010 Wave Tide - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yunnan, China

    2010 Pure Views - New Paintings from China, Louis Blouin Foundation,

    2010 London, UK

    2010 Go! Yunnan Rice Noodles - Young Artists Group Exhibition, Amy Li

    2010 Gallery, Beijing, China

    2010 Reshaping History - China Youth new art Invitational Exhibition, Beijing,

    2010 China

    2010 My View, My Utopia - China International Gallery Exposition, Beijing,

    2010 China

    2009 Honghe QiYi - A exhibition of Taiwan, Kunming, Chongqing, Chengdu

    2009 Contemporary art, Honghe, China

    2009 Contemporary Art of Yunnan - Cultural& Arts Festival of Songzhuang

    2009 China, Beijing, China

    2009 Mao Xuhui, Tang Zhigang Nominates Yunnan Artist Art Show, Kunming,

    2009 China

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    2009 Crafting Landscape - Dali Cultural Exchange Programme, Dali, China

    2009 To Give a Very Vivid Description @Media Biennale, Kunming, China

    2009 Harmony - Yunnan Young Artists Group Exhibition, Shenzhen, China

    2009 Fantastical Sky - Yunnan Young Artists Group Exhibition, Hangzhou,

    2009 China

    2009 Young Artists Group Exhibition, Kunming, China

    2008 Green Hope - Oil Painting Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

    2007 Red Soil from Guishan - Still-Life Drawing Exhibition, Kunming, China

    2007 Returning to Guishan - Still-Life Drawing Exhibition, Kunming, China



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    Purity Statement

    Li Rui Solo Exhibition

    2018.05.19 - 2018.06.30