• Han Xiuzhi 韩修智

    b.1987, Xintai, Shandong Province, China

    Han Xiuzhi is a young artist and painter. He graduated from the Mural Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2014 and now lives and works in Beijing, China. His works tend to focus on the realistic situation of the new generation in China. Influenced by the primitive power of the Han (Dynasty) Stone Relief, his creation essentially negates the concept of shape in plastic arts. He puts emotions, imaginations and even dreams into his paintings, thereby achieving transcendence from figurative to abstract, making his work get rid of the superficial figurative expressions with providing viewers with the possibility to discover some spiritual meaning.

    Han Xiuzhi has held several solo exhibitions at some institutions including the E·LAND Art Space in Seoul and the Long Museum in Shanghai. He has also participated in group exhibitions organized by Hui Art Space (Beijing), X-Gallery (Dalian), Parkview Green Art (Beijing), DeZi Art Center (Beijing), Artand Space (Beijing), Today Art Museum (Beijing), Tianjin Art Museum (Tianjin) and many other art institutions. In 2016, he won the Artand Annual Impact Award. His works have been collected by Yin Chaoyang (a famous Chinese artist), Zhao Xu (the executive director of Poly Auction), the E·LAND Group in Korea, etc.

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  • 1987 Born in Xintai, Shandong Province, China

    2014 Graduated from the Mural Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts


    Currently lives and works in Beijing, China



    2016 Artand Annual Impact Award

    2014 E·LAND Scholarship, CAFA



    E·LAND Group, Korea

    Yin Chaoyang. China

    Zhao Xu (Executive Director of Poly Auction), China

    Xu Jiayin (President of Evergrande Group), China




    「Deviated Landscape」Whitebox Choice, Beijing, China

    「Spiritual Meaning of Figurative Painting」Yiyou Culture, Beijing, China
    「Wild Paradise」hiart space, Long Museum(West Bund), Shanghai, China

    「Inside and Outside」E·Land Group, Seoul, Korea




    Overlying the MountainⅡ- Yu Lanyin & Han Xiuzhi Duo Exhibition」Jinmao Palace, Shenzhen, China

    「FUN CAO DI - POST HIEROGLYPH GUIDE」Parkview Green Art, Beijing, China

    「Elite Young 2019」Jining Art Museum, Jining, Shandong
    「Abstraction · Detachment」BROWNIE ART SPACE, Shanghai, China
    「Tramp over the Mountains & Rivers - Zhangzhou Invitational Exhibition on Contemporary Painting」Zhangzhou Museum, Zhangzhou, China


    「Simplicity Following Splendour」Winsage Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China

    「Yes or No - 2017 Art Nova 100 Openning Exhibition」Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China
    「The Six Poems」Will Space, Beijing, China
    「John Moores Painting Prize (China)」Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China
    「Story Teller」Official Residence, Delegation of the European Union to China, Beijing, China


    「Hi21 Young Art Fair 2017 Autumn Exhibition」Long Museum, Shanghai, China

    「Fusion - IVY Art 2017」Tianjin Art Museun
    「Mini Art Fair」Hui Art Space, Beijing, China
    「The Model of the World - Zhangzhou International Contemporary Art Exhibition」Zhangzhou Museum, Zhangzhou, China
    「Parallel Exhibition of 2017 Art Nova 100 Openning Exhibition」Hua Jiadi, Bejijing, China
    「Rebuild and Transition - 2017 Art Nova 100 Openning Exhibition」Today Art Museum, Beijing, China


    「Cool off」798 Artand Space, Beijing, China
    「hi21- Spring Exhibition」Hui Art Space, Beijing, China
    「Elite Young 2017」Rightview Art Museum, Beijing, China
    「Xun-Xun Group Show - Grasping the Normality within the Abnormality」Parkview Green Art, Beijing, China

    「Realgar」DeZi Art Center, Beijing, China
    「Gifts to Dairen」X Gallery, Dalian, China
    「The 1st Hua Jiadi Biennale」Hua Jiadi, Bejijing, China
    「hi21 - Winter Exhibition」Hui Art Space, Beijing, China
    「The Shape of the World」IF Art Salon, Capitaland Mall, Qingdao, China

    「Fly」1005YE, Beijing, China



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    Overlying the MountainⅡ

    Yu Lanyin & Han Xiuzhi Duo Exhibition

    2019.12.15 - 2020.01.15