• Du Haijun 杜海军

    Du Haijun was born in Jiangsu province, graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts. His work is his understanding of how urbanisation remoulds cityscape and how such squared residences murmur the secrecy of everyday drama. He has won several national and international awards, such as the Golden Award for the International Salon of France.

  • Education


    Graduated from China Academy of Art




    2013 "Who Can See the Cities" - Du Haijun Exhibition, M Art Center, Shanghai


    2012 "Time Train", China Oil Painting Society, "China Youth Oil Painting Exhibition - Most Painting", National Art Museum of China, Beijing


    2012 Participated in "Art Classics - China National Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition", Fine Art Museum of Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Painting, Beijing


    2012 Participated in the "Korea Yeosu Expo Art Exhibition", Korea


    2011 The work "City. Homeland" was selected for the "Art Phoenix Oil Painting Exhibition", National Art Museum of China, Beijing


    In 2011, his works "Windows II" and "Construction Site Diary" participated in the "My Land, My People - Humanistic Jiangnan" Invitation Exhibition. Zhejiang Art Museum, Beijing (invited)


    2011 The work "Coffee-coloured Memories" was exhibited in "The 30th Anniversary Exhibition of China National Academy of Painting", China National Art Gallery, Beijing (invited)


    2010 Invited by the China Artists Association to participate in the "Exhibition of Chinese Fine Arts Works at the Shanghai World Expo", Shanghai Exhibition Centre (by invitation)


    2010 Oil painting in "60 Years of New China", Jeonbuk Provincial Art Museum, Korea


    2010 Oil painting "City Life" was selected for the "Second National Small Oil Painting Exhibition", National Art Museum of China, Beijing


    2010 Oil painting "City Window" in "Hundred Artists' Oil Painting Exhibition in Jinling", Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum


    2009 Oil painting in the "World Tour of Chinese Contemporary Art - Exhibition in France", Chinese Cultural Centre, Paris, France (by invitation)




    2008 Oil painting "N Windows" was collected by the National Art Museum of China.


    2008 "Windows" and "Cellist" were collected by the Korean Consulate.


    2010 Oil painting "City Life" collected by Liaoning Art Museum


    2011 Oil painting "City Music" was collected by Shenzhen Press Group.