• Chen Xuanrong 陈轩荣

    b.1991, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China

    Chen Xuanrong is now working and living in Beijing. He matriculated at the department of printmaking, Central Academy of Fine Arts. He is now a postgraduate student in CAFA, learning after Wang Huaxiang and Yin Ji’nan about history of contemporary prints. Since 2014, Chen Xuanrong has been creating oil paintings and prints about pop culture and subculture. He has held solo exhibition and in residence projects in Shanghai OneHome Art Hotel and MOCA Taipei, etc.


    Chen Xuanrong combines oil painting and graffiti in form, thus solving the difficulties of graffiti in Chian. In addition, he has been emphasizing the distinctions between his oil paintings and graffiti. This is not street graffiti, but a presentation of street. Through the artworks about street space, the exhibition presents the observation and experience of the artists in different countries and cities in the context of globalization and Internet age, as well as their free living attitude.

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  • 1991- Born in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China

    2014- Graduated from the Printmaking Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)

    2016- Postgraduate Student, Central Academy of Fine Arts


    Currently lives and works in Beijing, China



    Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum
    Central Academy of Fine Arts, Printmaking Department
    Times Art Museum
    Hao Art Museum



    2018 Piao Pie, Roy X.R. Chen 2013 – 2018, Antnest Art Museum, Zhangzhou

    2017 Freaking Awesome, MoShang Gallery, Beijing, China
    2016 Extra Works: Chen Xuanrong's Residency P
    roject, Moca Taipei, China,

    2016 Taipei
    2016 Break Free: Chen Xuanrong's Residency Project, OneHome Art Hotel,

    2016 Shanghai, China



    2019 Daily Picture: Individual Narrative Painting Exhibition, Hui Space,

    2019 Beijing, China

    2018 Big Bang 10 A to Z, 798 Art Center, Beijing, China

    2018 No Exhibition, Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, China

    2018 Altered State: Deciphering Urban in the Art of Chen Xuanrong and

    2018 Huang Yulong, Duo Exhibition, Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai, China

    2018 YOHOOD 2018, Art, Fashion and Design Fair, Shanghai World EXPO

    2018 Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China

    2018 Arts in Urban Cultures, Sanlitun, Orange Hall, Beijing, China

    2018 Art Central Hong Kong, Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai, China

    2017 The Model of the World: Zhangzhou International Contemporary Art

    2017 Exhibition, Zhangzhou Museum, Zhangzhou, China

    2017 Views from the Other Side: Yearnings for Urban Life, Shanghai

    2017 Mingyuan Art Museum, Shanghai, China

    2017 Journey from Your World, S. E. Gallery, Bergen

    2016 Huajiadi Biannual, Huajiadi District, Beijing, China

    2015 Multidimensional Horizon, Antnest Art Museum, Zhangzhou, China

    2015 The 2nd Ivy Art Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

    2015 2015 Annual Art Nova Exhibition, Beijing Agricultural Center, Beijing,

    2015 China

    2014 Central Academy of Art Exhibition Show, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing,

    2014 China

    2014 Annual National University Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing,

    2014 China

    2014 Outstanding Graduates Exhibitions, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts,

    2014 Wuhan, China



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    Why So Serious?


    Chen Xuanrong Exhibition

    2020.05.01 - 2020.06.15