• Chen Lin 陈琳

    b.1986, Changde, Hunan Province, China

    Chen Lin has graduated with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Printmaking from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Awarded with numerous scholarships during her studies, she has shown her works in Rotterdam, Holland in 2007, and participated in the Sino-Japanese Exchange Exhibition in 2007. In 2017, her works participated in Art Shenzhen, and group shows in Guiyang and Beijing.


    Chen Lin is a bright representative of an emerging Chinese contemporary art scene. Her work deals with abstract, geometric and colorful. Through two- and three-dimensional shapes she attempts to reveal her life’s personal experiences. In her works, she retains the childlike candor and innocence. What best way to describe her works is in her own words: “things are complex, while my visual expression is straightforward and clear cut. I do not wish for my works to stay only in the dimension of the language of formality. I rather would like such simple and concise visual experiences to express people’s perceptions of all things.”

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  • 1986 Born in Changde, Hunan province, China

    2009 BA in Printmaking Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

    2017 MA in Printmaking Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing




    2018 Abstract Youth, L·AN Gallery, Shenzhen, China

    2018 Abstract Youth, Ginkgo Art Center, Beijing, China

    2018 Lost Handcacheif, Will Space, Beijing, China

    2017 I Will Be Your Eyes: Little Narratives, Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai,

    2017 China

    2017 The 13th China International Gallery Exposition, Tong Gallery, Beijing,

    2017 China

    2017 Meet the post-80s Artists Group Exhibition, Beijing, China

    2017 The Future – The First Young Artists Nomination xhibition, Beijing,

    2017 China

    2017 Tong Gallery@Art Shenzhen, Guangzhou, China

    2009 CAFA Graduation Exhibition, CAFA, Beijing, China

    2007 Sino-Japanese Exchange Exhibition, Beauty and Peace Ceremony, China

    2007 Millennium Monument, Beijing, China

    2007 Holland MINI Edition Exhibition, Rotterdam, Netherlands

    2006 Winter Vacation Exhibition (Third Prize), CAFA, Beijing, China



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    Abstract Youth

    Young Artist Abstract Group Exhibition

    2018.03.31 - 2018.05.12