• Cao Yuxi (James Cao) 曹雨西

    Cao Yuxi(JAMES) graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2013, and graduated from the Department of Computer Art of the New York School of Visual Arts in 2016 with a master's degree in art. He is an artist and coder based in New York City who define himself as an idealist trying to redeem his pledge under the social pragmatism pressure.

    Cao Yuxi designs, collaborates and consults on projects across the spectrum of sound-visualization, programming and computing. His innovative approach to creating art and incorporating technology has enabled Cao Yuxi to generate and shape numerous design projects including space design, new media art installation and public art in both China, Europe and the U.S .


    He has held exhibitions in Shenzhen UABB Shenzhen-Hong Kong biennale, civic Center building group, city light Art museum, Beijing Min Sheng Art museum, New York 3ld Art & Technology Center, New York IFP Made in NY Center,Nanjing Youth Olympic Center, Beijing central college Art museum and other international institutions. His works have also been collected permanently by Beijing Da Xing airport.

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  • 2013 Bachelor, Department of Space Design, Central Academy of

    2013 Fine Art(CAFA), Beijing, China

    2016 Master, Computer Art, School of Visual Art, NYC, USA


    Currently lives and works in Beijing, China and Los Angeles, USA



    2016 The Lumen Prize: The Interactive Art Long list

    2015 International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA2015): The

    2015 Digital Art Short list

    2013 Best Graduation Work in Class of 2013, CAFA, Beijing, China



    2019 "Mo墨", Beijing Daxing International Airport

    2018 "Red Tide", Digital Arts Gallery Collection, FRAMED*, Tokyo,

    2018 Japan

    2017 "Mo墨", Outdoor Corridor Public Art Collection, CHAO, Beijing,

    2017 CHINA

    2017 "Mo墨" & "The Vast Land ", Club Gallery Art Collection, Resort

    2017 Tsingpu , Yangzhou CHINA

    2017 "ORIENS V1.0", Format Immersive Space, Today Art Museum,

    2017 Beijing, CHINA

    2016 "Mo墨", Digital Arts Gallery Collection, Depict , San Francisco CA

    2016 "Mo墨", The Beacon Tower, LakeNona , Orlando FL




    "Dimensional Sampling_#1" -「Extreme Mix」Guangzhou Airport Biennale, Guangzhou, China

    "The Vast Land" -「The Ground We Have in Common」Gallerie delle Prigioni, Treviso, Italy

    "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains" -Public Art Solo ShowMade in NY Center by IFP, Brooklyn, NY, USA

    "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains" -「Tech Arts for Collectors」Zürcher Gallery, NewYork, USA

    Projection Installation -「烎」Nanjing Youth Olympics Center, Nanjing, China


    "Red Tide & Untitled_#2" -「Time Maze」Mingsheng Art Museum, Beijing, China

    "Red Tide" -「Gravity Tower @Guangzhou International Light Festival」GuangZhou, China

    "Red Tide" -「The Secret Garden」Guan Tang Art District, Beijing, China

    "Mo 墨 & Red Tide" -「Here/Elsewhere - The Sample Of Overseas Chinese Art」He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

    "Red Tide" -「The Folded Mountain Ⅱ: Scanning Shanshui」Han Shan Art Museum, SuZhou, China

    "ORIENS Part II" -「.zip Season 2: Developing The Future」3ld Art & Technology Center, New York, USA

    "Red Tide" -「CHEWING MONSTER」198 Allen St, New York, USA

    "Red Tide" -「Remix Garden - Gravity Tower」City Future Festival ,ShenZhen, China


    "ORIENS" -「.zip: Unzip The Future」Taikoo Li, ChengDu, China

    Live Performance -「Group Codex Show」Knock Down Center, Queens, NY, USA

    "Mo 墨 & The Vast Land " -「Sky Walk · Solo Show」Resort Tsingpu, YangZhou, China

    "ORIENS" -「.zip: Future Rhapsody Xiaomi · Future of Today」Today Art Museum, Beijing, China


    "MACROCOSM" -「Audio Visual Venue | Vol 3: To Dimension」Culture-hub, New York, USA

    "MACROCOSM" -「Governors Island Art Fair」Governors Island, New York, USA

    "MACROCOSM" -「Berlin Atonal Festival」Berlin, Germany

    "Mo 墨" -「Digital Art Collection Club Event」3ld Art & Technology Center, New York, USA

    "MACROCOSM" -「L.E.V. (Visual Electronic Laboratory) Festival Gijon, Spain」Gijon, Spain

    "MACROCOSM" -「Digital Art Collection Club Event」Harvest Work, New York, USA

    "Mo 墨_4K_LakeNona" -「The Beacon: Architecture Mapping Projection」 Lake Nona, Orlando, FL, USA

    "Mo 墨_4K_LakeNona" -「Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Sino-American Art Exhibition」 Jacob Javtis Center, New York, USA


    "MACROCOSM Prelude Show" -「2015 Refest Festival : Performing System」The Downstairs at La MaMa, New York, USA

    "Thousands Li of Rivers and Mountains" -「The Arbitrary Art of Numbers – Gallery Show」 Made in NY Media Center by IFP, New York, USA

    "MACROCOSM AudioVisual System" -「Improvised Electronics Round Robin: Dark Circuits II」CultureHub, NewYork, USA

    "MACROCOSM Prelude Show" - 「BAM Festival」Caserne Fonck Liège, Belgium

    "Mo 墨 with Kinect" -「2Original Media Show」Expo Pavilion of Saudi Arabia, Shanghai, China

    "Mo 墨 with Kinect" -「High Contrast Interactive」CultureHub, New York, USA

    "Thousands Li of Rivers and Mountains" -「International Symposium on Electronic Arts」Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Canada

    "MACROCOSM Prelude Show" -「Audio Visual Venue | Vol. 2: Exsoteric Tweak」MINY Media Center by IFP, NewYork, USA

    "Thousands Li of Rivers and Mountains" -「DRRRT SVA Students Selected Exhibition by Jury」SVA Flatiron Gallery, New York, USA

    "MACROCOSM" -「JACOBZ LADDR」The Firehouse Space, New York, USA

    "MACROCOSM Prelude Show" - Audio Visual Venue SHARE.nyc, New York, USA

    "MACROCOSM Prelude Clip" -「Improvised Electronics Round Robin

    with Dark Circuits Light Orchestra score by Hans Tammen」CultureHub, NewYork, USA


    "Mo 墨" -「Code Conscious」SVA Flatiron Gallery, New York, USA

    "Dirty Monitor DEMO SHOW" -「BUS Audio Visual Party」Hangzhou, China

    "PYRITOHEDRON" -「Art Beijing」China Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

    "An Experimental integration of Mapping Installation and Modern Dancing." -「NIGHT·RUN 」Balance Art Center, Beijing, China


    "Building Projection Mapping Performance" - 「2015 Refest Festival : Performing System」China Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

    「A Journey of a Thousand Miles — Exhibition for 2013 Outstanding Graduation Works of Central Academy of Fine Arts」CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China

    "Interior Architecture Mapping Projection Performance" -「 CAFA Art Museum Nights」CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China


    "Project GuLou — Monumental Architecture Mapping Projection Performance about latest Demolition of neighbourhood in Gulou Street" - ZaiJIa Bar, Gulou, Beijing, China

    "Sound and Vision Project - New Media Performance" - Boers-li Gallery, 798 Factory, Beijing, China

    Stage Sound Installations in Planet Electronic Music Festival

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