• Blue · Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition

    2017.10.29 - 2017.12.28

    In contrast to the general abstract exhibition, which regards abstract theory as the starting point of curating, in the exhibition "Blue", ten abstract artists use "blue color" as inspiration and motivation for painting. The color that always dominates the artist ’s mood and pace when creating, just like the spirituality inspired by the collision of spirit and flesh, tests the strength of the artist ’s spiritual effort in painting. From another perspective, because of the different creation methods of each artist and the differences in personality and choice revealed in the work, blue, as the unified tone of the exhibited works, to some extend makes the exhibition show the energy release of completely different lives.


    Despite its limited scale, this exhibition may give a little hint for today's contemporary painting art that as color is rarely seen as the noumenon of art, it is actually a very important part of painting. The artists' extension of the origin of creation will make colors no longer limited to be applied and interpreted as a concrete and oriented symbol language.